Stainless steel handcuffs for training purposes

We are one of the few manufacturers in the world of stainless steel handcuffs, made entirely of anti-allergic and more resistant to destruction of stainless steel in accordance with DIN EN 10088-1. They do not have galvanic coating of nickel or zinc. They are made in accordance with EU directive 76/769 / EEC-94/27 / EEC on the non-use of nickel in articles in contact with the skin and in accordance with the amendment of the relevant regulation being prepared in Poland. Stainless steel is the perfect product for the production of handcuffs, as it is very resistant to damage and has anti-allergenic properties.

Stainless steel handcuffs for training can be opened without a key by pulling the pin next to the hole on the key. This characteristic differs from Jaw handcuffs in training.


Stainless steel handcuffs for training characteristic:
1. Very quick, easy and efficient, you can set up and close them on the wrists of the person being restrained;
2. As quick and easy to remove from the a person restrained pulling the pin opening;
3. They are constructed of two identical steel clamps, the closing-locking mechanism and a movable ratchet clamp-connected armored chain, fixed by a rotary coupling to the body which clamps the wrist;
4. The locking mechanism on both wrist restraints allows you to block the rack in any place, this prevents excessive tightening on the wrists of restrained person and also allows you to quickly open handcuffs - by pressing the release pin by lock and turning to unlock;
5. Proper use of our training handcuffs should not cause injuries or abrasions during the exercise.


  1. Training handcuffs as a whole are made of stainless steel, even the clamps do not have galvanic coatings. With this solution training handcuffs do not have a toxic affect to the human body, they do not cause irritation in contact with skin.

  2. Weight 360 g.

Resistance characteristics:

1. Our handcuffs are very resistant to deformation, able to withstand a tensile force applied to the value of 2000N (force applied in the plane of the clamp, a second clamp mounted in a holder). Handcuffs not deformed - after the strength test restraint properties remain unchanged.

2. Resistance to bending forces applied statically on the bracket at 500 N (buckle attached to the holder by the fixing side chain connecting the buckle, the force applied perpendicular to the plane of the clamp at its end opposite to the place of the chuck). Handcuffs after the test remain unchanged.

In 2011, the Military Centre for Standardization, Quality and Codification gave us NATO Entity Code: NATO Comercial and Government Entity Code NCAGE: 2034H.

We have assigned to NATO Stock Number Jaw handcuffs - NSN (NATO Stock Number)


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