Police batons- TONFA

We are the only produce of reinforced batons for the police in Poland. TONFA batons are a type of weapon used for protection with proper use of this type of weapon it is possible to prevent the strongest impact from an attacker and allows for the easy overpowering of the enemy.

The TONFA baton is a product of the highest quality. It is well balanced, which gives guarantees ease of use and versatility. It can be attached to the belt of trousers using a manufactured metal or plastic fitting. Our TONFA batons are mandatory equipment for the police and security personnel.

KEL-MET is the sole producer in Poland of the TONFA baton with the internal contain a flexible reinforce rod, which significantly enhances its resistance properties. In addition, at the end of the handle is steel cone for the easy breaking of windows. Proper selection of materials (two types of plastic) and the special design provide the TONFA baton with additional static strength properties as well as very high impact strength.

For the production of the TONFA baton a license is required, due to its design. KEL-MET has a concession No. B-020/2012 on the production and trade of explosives, weapons, ammunition and technology for military or police.

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