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KM 1001-BR - Stainless steel handcuffs

Variant of KM1001. This type KM1001-BR has brushed structure and has rounded braclets.


  • The handcuffs are made of stainless steel, hypoallergenic to the human body, without galvanized coating on the clamps.
  • Weight 360 g.

Strength information:

  • Handcuffs able to withstand a tensile force applied statically to the value of 2000N (force applied in the plane of the clamp, a second clamp mounted in a holder) After the cessation of force cuffs retain their properties.
  • Handcuffs able to withstand a bending force applied to 500 N (brace mounted in the holder from the mounting chain connecting buckles, the force applied perpendicular to the plane of the clamp on the end opposite to the place of chuck). The force does not cause permanent deformation or buckle.


Overal length 256 mm
Maximum length (first tooth) 81 mm
Minimum width (last tooth) 49 mm
Maximum height (first tooth) 57 mm
Minimum height (last tooth) 56 mm
Thickness of body plante 10 mm
Thickness of shackle 3,5 mm
Resistant to tearing force 2300 N
Resistant to bending force 500 N
Weight 360 g

In 2011, the Military Centre for Standardization, Quality and Codification gave us NATO Entity Code: NATO Comercial and Government Entity Code NCAGE: 2034H.

We were assigned to the Jaw handcuffs NATO Stock Number - NSN (NATO Stock Number)

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